Thursday, June 7, 2012

My Love of Art

In the past, hmmm, six months or so, I've been really REALLY interested in all things art. I've been drooling after a graphics tablet and I'm still drooling for one all now. I've been using Photoshop for a little over a year and I've gotten better than I first started but I think I want to make an investment in a tablet. I can barely draw a stick man but artists amaze me with their gorgeous drawings. Whenever I come across something on StumbleUpon, a drawing or piece of art, I stare at it for longer than I should, taking in shading and use of colours. 

I've rediscovered a webcomic called Two Kinds with furries (omg yes furries!). The artist is uber talented and I stare at each panel after I've read the whole scene and admire his lovely artwork. I've stumbled upon his dA account and oh em gee the lovely prints!!

My brain isn't functioning anymore cos I haven't had breakfast yet (it's 10:16am). Maybe I'll write more...soon? O.O

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