Friday, May 11, 2012

Blood Boiling so motherfucking angry right now. It's...unnatural. Completely, utterly unnatural. The sperm donor is out of a job (yet fucking again) and as usual, we have to pay for it. It gets so lovely now when I have to get a second job to cover this punk's ass. I'm trying so hard not to cry and I'm trying so hard not to fly in his face and tell him what a sorry excuse of a man he is. What's even more infuriating is that my mother puts up with it. That 'God' will fix this. Well hello!! God won't do SHIT if you don't do something first!! I think that's SOMEWHERE in the BIBLE. Funny, how the one who has rejected religion knows more than the one that religiously prays to her 'God'. I just want him to leave but since my mother won't kick him out, I'll leave. I'll start my plans from today. Find somewhere to go and be away from this shit. I can't even think straight.

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