Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Every Tear is a Waterfall

I am totes loving Coldplay right now. I've loved them before but I love them again now with their new tunes. They just make me want to sing and prance about like a fairy.

I haven't posted more of my story cos, well, I'm unsure about it. Where to take it and how to end it. I don't want to post a part of the story only to come back and change it. So I'm posting only what I'm sure about. It's still a work in progress. Or maybe not >.>

What's up with me today? Well I have a headache and I'm doing some graphic work and I have two labs to start, one I have to finish. Chemistry is amazing. I cannot understand the concept of an anti-bonding orbital. It's like abstract to me. It's the last couple weeks of school and I'm ok. I'm getting by. I'm getting into the grove of college.

Oh my glob there's this guy in my class that likes me but he's having a problem expressing it or something. One second he's nice and we're laughing and the next he's acting like a douche. I think he's intimidated by my smarts lol

Getting sleepy writing <.< -poofs-

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