Friday, March 2, 2012

Wish and Dream

So I found this rather nifty function on Amazon. It's called a 'wishlist'. Basically whatever you'd like to have, you place on this wishlist. You can come back to this wishlist later and buy an item or people can buy the items for you! Neat, huh? So for the past, like, day or two, I've been adding things to my wishlist. Mostly shoes cos, yknow, obligatory girl obsession. They're hawt mind you. Also I've been using Amazon's quite nifty Amazon Wishlist Toolbar. It works by allowing you to add any item (from it's product page) to your Amazon wishlist! Cool, huh? I've been raping this button for about two days now :3 It's quite fun and easy to use but it only works in Google Chrome (which you should already have). Certain Items that I couldn't find on Amazon, I could go to the direct seller's page, find the item and wham! It's on my Amazon wishlist! I've added my dream camera, a laptop and one of those KitchenAid stand mixers (don't judge me! It's for my dream kitchen >.>). Oh oh oh and I added a Wacom Bamboo tablet cos I'm lusting after one x.x

Let see this as a review for their nifty and easy to use toolbar :D

P.S. You guys can have a look through wishlist. Any urges to buy anything off it is encouraged but not necessary.

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