Thursday, March 8, 2012

Strange Behaviour

Disclaimer: The following material may be offensive to some readers. Reader discretion is advised.

I'm sure you all have heard about this 'Stop Kony' campaign. It involves this group (Invisible Children I do believe) trying to take down this warlord in Uganda. He's been kidnapping children and making them sexually abuse their own family members. There's even a video on YouTube about it (which I think is the only thing people have seen/heard about this whole situation). The video has roughly a million views by now. My friend told me about it over MSN and the next thing I know is that my feed is blowing up with "Stop Kony this!" and "Stop Kony that!". My reaction to the whole thing? People are sheep. Mindless. Being led on by one singular story that has one singular view. Whether or not the story is true, they don't really care. They never bother to look into it. For example, last year there was a story circulating about glass in baby food and the batch being recalled. Upon researching the story, I found out that the incident happened a year or two before and the batch of baby food was a flavour only available a France. People were, however, circulating the story to the point where my entire newsfeed was saturated. I posted the link to my research on the woman's status and she accepted that it was old news. She also said that she was just concerned about the situation etcetera etcetera. This is the case with this Kony campaign. People are genuinely concerned and they want to bring awareness of the situation. Now that we're aware, what are you going to do? Keep spamming newsfeeds, groups and the internet in general with this thing? I find that pathetic and not helpful at all. This "Make Kony famous" bit can't work in my view. We make him famous and then what? Erm.. Someone takes him down? Do you have any idea how many warlords are in Uganda? A fuck load. Uganda is in unrest. Their higher-ups are corrupted. You bring down Kony and then the guy below him takes his place. You take HIM out and the below below HIM takes HIS place. And on and on. Some of these wars in Uganda are started by the political leaders themselves. And how long has Uganda been in this state? A long time my friends. But why didn't we care then? About the families being killed, children orphaned by this violence.

I am by no means a heartless and soulless person. On the contrary. When my friend told me about it I was appalled. However, I have to think rationally about the situation. I've only heard a bit of it. I want to make sure I have the entire truth before I go out there on there internet and make a fool of myself. I also want to properly educate myself on the situation. Humans tend to pride themselves in being 'the most intelligent animal' or 'the only animal that can reason and rationalize'. I see no reasoning or rationalization of the Kony campaign. I see people running around mindlessly brining 'awareness' to the situation.

So now that we're aware, what can we do? On an individual level, maybe you can donate to charities that help the children of Uganda. Maybe (if you're Angelina Jolie) you can adopt a child out of Uganda and shoe them a life without constant fear, a life with a loving family around. Or maybe (if you're regular people) you can sponsor a child so that they could maybe get out of Uganda. Maybe individual countries can accept a certain number of children, put them in foster homes. SOMETHING to get them out of there. This "Make Kony famous" bullshit is not helping the victims.

People please educate yourselves on the situation. Don't accept one view of the story. Do research. Think before you act. Do something important. Sitting on your butt all day posting about this cause is not going to help the situation in Uganda nor is it going to benefit the victims of these crimes.


  1. Bravo!! I love it :) Why not write 4 a newspaper? But umm yea its not only sexually assualting their families, it's mutilating faces and killing their parents.

  2. "He's been kidnapping children and making them sexually abuse their own family members."
    No, he abducts them and makes them shoot their own parents.

    Also, like the video says no one knew about him. Now that people do know about him, they're trying to do something. I honestly think you are a heartless person. I can't even believe I even wanted to be your friend.

    1. As I said in my post (that you didn't read thoroughly) I am not heartless. I do feel for the situation and I agree to making everyone aware of it. Now that people ARE aware of it, people should be actively doing something to help. Like I said, people should be trying to get the kids out of the situation.

      Thanks for being 'Anonymous' :)

  3. Very well stated Chronic!!!

  4. I meant to leave a comment before. Oops...I think you are on point. You have every right to state your opinion, and you did it! The comments above except for "LA" are none f'n factors...they didn't even bother to research properly before opening their mouth. Keep doing you girl! You definitely have my support and my vote! More of the world needs to see your talent!


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