Thursday, February 2, 2012

Fight Hard

For the record, this post has nothing to do with fighting anything. It's a phrase from the song I'm listening to. Lol.

Anyways this morning I woke up to an email from Christine Cho. I had no idea who she is until someone told me she is an artist. She sent me an email saying she'd read my blog and she wants me to try an app she's testing. A diet/weight loss app. I looked at the email and thought, "Hmm why am I getting this? I don't have a food blog... Should I reply? What should I say?" Then I saw the email address. I don't think I should put it up here just in case it's legit. Should I reply?

EDIT: I replied cos I'm a nerd lol


  1. I got the same one, and my blog is largely sewing. I couldn't figure out the connection either.


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