Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Chemistry. It comes back to haunt me.

Never, EVER throw out your old notebooks or text books. YOU WILL NEED THEM FOR COLLEGE. Right now I'm trying to do some 'studying' and I've zero reference books from forms 5 or 6. I CANNOT FIND THEM. I set a goal for today and it seems as though I won't be able to fulfil it. No worries. Just make the goal more attainable, right? To boost my ego and calm my nerves, right? Cos I vowed I wouldn't get stressed with school any more and already I'm failing >.> One Physics question and some Chemistry reading. I can handle that :D

On another note, yesterday I got my ex (by magic) to drop me to school and pick me back up. I went to Physics class determined to learn. Sir went on about vectors and scalers and such. Things I did for half of a Math class in Form 5 three years ago. Some of it was vaguely familiar but I want to get it, right? Sure! The man put a vector on the negative side of the Y axis and the vector was positive. I thought to myself, "Alright... Makes no sense but lemme try to understand." Nope! Brain dun get it. "-raises hand- Sir, shouldn't the value of the vector be negative since it's on the negative side of the axis?" He goes on to give an explanation that does nothing to clarify what was on the board. That was when my brain shut down. My brain went, "Fuck this shit! -daydreams, thinks about Facebook-" Try as I might, I could not for the life of me pay attention to the rest of the class. To the end of the class I was so engrossed in my phone and I started feeling really sleepy. The girl sitting next to me even shook me to tell me class was over as if I didn't hear those magical words. I am going to try my best in this class without stressing myself. I already have no stress relief in my life. I don't need extra stress. Whatever grade I get for this class I will gladly take. I'm not going to fail outright. I'll try. I promise. However, I can't and won't stress myself over trying to pass.

Anyways I was thinking of doing a recap of what happened during the months I was not posting. However it's a lot and I was wondering if you guys have any questions about anything. The chickens, cooking etc. If you have any questions, comment on this post. There will be an entire post dedicated to your question AND I may take pretty pictures. I know you gais love pics :D

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