Monday, May 2, 2011

Trini Cuisine: Easy Breezy Cheesy Mashed Potatoes

Oh God pleeeeeeease excuse the name. I was thinking "Easy, breezy, beautiful, Covergirl" when I thought it up.

Garlic (optional)
Salt and pepper
Green seasoning (optional)
Red pepper flakes (optional)

I know what you're thinking. "Where are all the measurements?" Well this is recipe is my own make up recipe so the ingredients and the amounts of each recipe vary depending on my mood and if I'm cooking for myself or everyone else. Don't worry about it, kay?

Okay so let's go.


  • You peel the potatoes or not depending on how much roughage you can take. I happen to like roughage so I scrubbed my potatoes and chopped them up to add to the boiling water

  • I added salt to the water. I usually add enough that the water tastes salty so that the potatoes absorb enough salt that I don't have to add salt later. I also add green seasoning to the water for that additional nom-ness

  • When the water comes to a boil add the potatoes
  • While those are cooking let's smash some garlic!! I love garlic so I always add lots of it. This time I got one huge clove so I didn't have to chop up more than that one clove
Huge garlic clove!!

Huge garlic clove smashed!

Huge garlic clove chopped!!
  • Now I'm gonna make a rip-off of garlic infused oil except with butter. Instead of having chunks of garlic all through your mashed potatoes (which I happen to LOVE), we're gonna have the garlic flavour throughout our mash without the garlic. 
  • Sooooooo put the garlic in a microwavable bowl and add the butter. Cut up the butter so it melts faster. Microwave til it's hot and voila! Garlic infused oil
Butter and garlic before microwaving

Butter and garlic after microwaving. garlic infused oil/butter!!  The butter tastes like garlic. I swear
  • Now grate some cheese, bitch! I like my mash cheesy so I grated a lot of cheese. 
Totally making a mess on the table

  • Those potatoes should be done now so drain em and dump them in the bowl with the garlic infused butter. Mash them up and then add the milk and mix til combined
  • Next add the cheese, black pepper and red pepper flakes. Mix until combined
  • EAT!!
Mmmmmm yummmm....

Makes me feel hungry now >.<

Yes I still have my Adventure Time screensaver

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