Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy (late) Mother's Day!

I hope you guys had a great Mother's Day. My mum enjoyed her day thoroughly cos I cooked lunch for her. She wanted lasagna and barbecued chicken. I have no idea how the two mesh. It was my first time making lasagna yesterday but it came out awesome. I'm proud of it ^_^ My sister was being such a lazy bum yesterday. It was so annoying. I needed help doing stuff and she was just playing games on the desktop. What the heck? So what my mum had for lunch yesterday was lasagna, barbecued chicken and potato salad. I know. Weird combination. Lol. But she loved it. Yesterday the sink just refused to be devoid of dishes. I swear. I woke up early yesterday to wash the dishes so that there would be dishes for me to use and for the sink to be empty. While I was cooking, the dishes proliferated (of course) but my sister washed some of it. After I cooked, the dishes just kept on coming and I woke up this morning to a sink FULL of dishes. I mean FULL. I spent about an hour washing the dishes.

Anyway I guess I should update you guy son my life, huh? Yup. Well I have my second exam this afternoon (first one was last week Wednesday) and I'm not excited nor am I afraid. It's sort of routine now. I really haven't done any major studying mainly because I don't have a lot of notes in most of my subjects. I just remember stuff. The exam I have today is Communication Studies Paper 2. It's the essay writing paper. I'm fed up of writing already lol.

Hmm... What else is new with me? Well I have a new job. It's not permanent and It's only on Saturdays. It's at the same place I had over the vacation. It's boring but the pay is alright. If I had something more to do I'd be great. Nothing much else is really new. I've fallen for my best friend. I think she knows that but ignores me. I'll have to tell her formally so she really understands. I'm gonna see her today cos we have that exam today but I don't think I should tell her while we're in school. I might invite her home or something. Bleh. Life is so hard.

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