Thursday, May 12, 2011

Depressing day yesterday and a frog

Bonjour guys. I'm now starting my day with some Restaurant City and the sperm donor just came in and told me good morning. All of a sudden now he's in a cheery mood and talking to us and so not being grumpy. I do believe part of the reason is that he resigned from his job and has no intention of going back and the other part is because he got his visa to 'visit' my aunt in Oregon. I say 'visit' cos we're not too sure if he's gonna visit or migrate. Right now we're in shit street cos of this. My mum is on vacation and I have my exams. My mum is riding my ass to get a job and all I want to do is relax and live through my exams. I've been stressed out for so long that I just want to relax for a couple months before I get back into it all but the pressure is on me cos I need a job to help us live and because I wanna go to that fancy-schmancy school. *groans* Why is life so hard?

Yesterday morning while I was chilling and being depressed my mum told me to go outside (in the rain) and release a frog that had been trapped in the dog kennel. The dogs were still in the kennel and she wanted me to move the frog so the dogs wouldn't attack it and they died blah blah blah. Bob alone knows why the fuck I went outside WILLINGLY to do this. Perhaps because I was in a depressed stupor. So I went outside in the rain with my umbrella armed with a broom to push/pull the frog outside. I opened the kennel and the dogs instantly rushed from the kennel. Neither dogs nor frog took notice of each other. It was jammed into the corner of some buckets that we keep in the kennel but it was still pretty close to being outside of the kennel. I went inside the kennel and started pushing on the buckets to coax it outside. It worked for a while until the motherfucker started hopping INSIDE THE KENNEL IN MY DIRECTION. I screamed like the girly girl I am and ran out of the kennel. Of course my sister was laughing at me. But a least the frog was in the kennel away from my dogs. I locked it in the kennel til the sperm donor came home and he got it out. Bob alone knows how but at least it's gone now.

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