Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Was gonna post a couple more words of the day today but not only did I misplace my notepad with the words but I misplaced my fucking dictionary.

Sorry guys. No more words of the day until I find my dictionary.

In other news, work is fun if very boring. Oh and today is my ex's birthday. He's 19 now. He and I have been talking a bit now. I've been neglecting some other people though. Like my bff. It's not really that I want to nor is it that I'm so obsessed with my ex that I'm ignoring everyone else. I've just gotten fed up of waiting for other people to make me happy. I would get so upset if someone took too long to reply or if they didn't reply at all. Like what the fuck? So I'm scratching all the new year's resolutions I made earlier this year. Seriously. I'm remodeling my list. My new year's resolutions now look like this:

(1)Learn to make myself happy
(2)Make myself happy

Hence the reason why I don't go out of my way to message people anymore or reply for that matter. I do so many things different now. It's weird. I hardly ever go out but it's fine. When I do go out I have lots of fun and I dress up real nice. I feel good. It isn't a bother to me if guys don't look at me or if I don't have a boyfriend. I'm so not looking for anyone right now.

I think all this is a mixture of me not giving a fuck and wanting to live my life and being stressed from upcoming exams. I don't know. Lol

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