Friday, March 11, 2011

Why are these people changing their names and three months' worth of pictures

Why are these people changing their names? It so confuses me. DeadEyes.-_- is now Desperica (or something or the other) and modnite has changed his blog name from Blank to The Slacker's Journal. Shakes. My. Head. Go on people. I won't change mine for nothin'!

Sorry about my little rant...
A FUCKLOAD OF PICTURES!!! (not in chronological order)

Sunrise on my way to school

Cloudy mountains on my way home

Dead mosquito xD

Mosquito that bit me

Cloudy mountains on my way home

Mac Farlane's band. Me loves him. He wins all the time xD

Raining while it was sunning

Rain looked like diamonds when the sun hit them

Diamond-y raindrops

More Mac Farlane

And more...

And more....

And more...

And more...

And more... 

You guys have no idea how long it took me to post all these pics

And more...

And more...

And more....

Fuck this shit. No more carnival pics til another time

Pretty clouds. Another early morning


The rising moon. It inspired me so much that I wrote a haiku. Look out for that

Surprise! It's me!

Never saw this ever in my life. I thought this can was so weird looking when I went to lessons one night

My doggies sleeping. The black and white one is so funny sometimes xD

A boat.

Adventure Time screensaver!

On the corner.

Of my street.


It's unstuck!

Yay for unstuckness!


I was microwaving hamburger.

It tasted really fucking good.

Om nom nom! Happy belly!


Chicken in my tree!

Weird looking clouds but they're pretty too


  1. Glad to see you reposted! I only changed my name for a little bit :) I wanted a change, but I changed it back, my url is still different though ^^
    Great pix, love how you sneaked you in there, I love the rain diamond shots the most :) And your sleeping doggies!!

  2. Great shots! Makes me miss Trinidad!


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