Saturday, January 8, 2011


So earlier this morning there were some kids walking up the street from lessons and there were two stragglers. Now the stragglers stood up under the shade of the Poui tree in our yard and started touching each other. They weren't making out per se but you could see they were together. But I think I should clarify: the stragglers were a guy and a girl. They were touching each other and kissing RIGHT IN FRONT OUR YARD. My mum saw them from our open door. They didn't give a flying fuck. The girl was giggling and yelping like a bitch in heat. They went up the street a couple minutes later. My mum was dying from laughter. Next thing we know, we hear the girl AGAIN. And AGAIN they're under shade of the tree making out. Ell oh em gee. Seriously? I mean, I'm a goddamn freaky hobbit but you don't see me doin' stuff like that! They went up the street again and they came back ANOTHER time. They didn't come back after. Tsk tsk tsk. Absolutely no shame OR class.

A couple nights ago, I found two of my followers on Facebook. We've exchanged messages for a bit but I've really bonded with modnite up til last night. He's a really cool guy. Really interesting. I'm waiting to see how far it will go between us. I'm not looking for any relationship and neither is he so I'm just being me.

I'm home alone for the afternoon. It's all good. Get to be by myself. I like being alone sometimes. I like not having my family bothering me. Today is good.


  1. Ewwww :( Horny people should get a room >< And I would have died if my mum you know, like saw any of that :( And hurray, you bonded with modnite ^^ that's awesome :) And kinda cute ^^

  2. Lmao. My mum was having fun watching those horny teenagers. Yea modnite is fun xD


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