Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Communication Studies IA theme

I just wanna get you guys' feedback on the theme for my Comm IA. I've chosen the theme '"Homosexuality" is nature'. Feel free to give me your opinions and feelings on the topic and even on homosexuality in people. Also does anyone know where I can get my hand on a book called Biological Exuberance by Bruce Bagemihl? My whole IA rides on this one book. If you can give me a catchy title for my IA, I'd love you for life cos I'm so not creative.

So "homosexuality in animals". My teacher told me to put it in inverted commas so as not to offend homosexuals that would be offended and cos homosexuality is generally a human trait. I beg to differ. The information I've found, though old, is pretty feasible. This same book above, is all about animals shagging members of the same sex. Bruce Bagemihl is a biologist, linguist and author and has published many books on animal "homosexuality" and other like topics (look him up). I chose the topic cos it's pretty interesting and not very well talked about or known. I guess the purpose of my IA is to educate on the topic and show that homosexuality could very well be more nature than nurture. I think I can bring my own experience in homosexuality into my IA.

I think that's it for now cos I only have like ten minutes til the internet goes bye-bye.

Thanks in advance for your feedback you guys.


  1. I'd say go for it. If I could've done an IA on Pokémon, then this should be fine if you can handle it. As for the book, I'm not too sure about where you can get it besides hunting for an ebook if one even exists (I'm seeing that the first edition dates back to '99).

  2. They have every book ever created ever. I'm being very serious. Good luck with that IA :).

  3. :O I just Googled Comm. Studies IA to get some ideas and your blog came up >.< which is weird cause I've been following you for awhile o.O i sound like a late stalker :/

  4. hope this is of help to you, it was all i could find

    1. Thanks but this was over almost a year ago and I ended up buying the book lol


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