Saturday, January 8, 2011

Mélange de sentiments

I'm in a mess right now. Got so many feelings swirling around inside me. Maybe it's cos I'm too soft that people take advantage of me. Or maybe I'm just naturally a fool. I think I'm naturally a fool. Why in hell would I think that I could still be friends with the guy that took my virginity and broke off our relationship? Why am I still crying over him after a whole year of breaking up with him? Why am I still fucking single if I'm beautiful and such a nice person? Why do people hate me and say things about me if I'm such a nice person? I'm trying to be so optimistic and so happy with just being alone and having one friend that I can trust but it's fucking hard to look at that and be happy. Ugh I'm trying so hard not to bash myself or the life I live right now but it's hard. It is so hard not to do that right now. I'm having an emotional breakdown.


  1. **HUGZ** :( I was really down today too, I totally get how you feel :( The thing about this is that, hmmm... this is almost exactly how I feel, like the whole year thing and everything :S Wow, weird. Don't bash yourself at all my dear, :( You are awesome,you are beautiful, and you are pretty sweet! You're also pretty creative and make chickens interesting! ^^ Nothing really helps the pain, like my words, the only thing that really helps is TIME APART :( I'm sorry you have to got through this, it really really sucks.

    Busy yourself, don't dwell on it. You have a blog, go crazy!! ^^

    I kinda did, lol, sigh lol, you can see my hurting pages there in the popular posts thing -_-

  2. Thanks for your support hun. I have no idea what I could busy myself with! I so wish I could do all sorts of shit but a lot of stuff hold me back.

  3. Dead eyes is right and like I said before all you have to do is delete him from your life (msn, facebook, phone number) and that's all the distance you need.


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