Monday, January 10, 2011

How to deal with: The annoying little sister

I'm coming into my room with my laptop, hands full, so I ask my sister to bring in my fan for me please. She says no. Alrighty then. No problem. I'll get my own fan. Going to get it now, she brings it in and says, "I'm too nice to you." Mash brakes. What?? You're too NICE to me? She says mean things to me and does mean things to me ALL DAY. Too nice? I tell her that she's always mean to me. She tells me that she's nice to everyone else and mean to me so that I won't walk over her. Mash brakes again. ME walk over HER? I don't walk over ANYONE. Why in hell would she think that I'll walk over her? I'm asking her why she thinks that and she feigns being asleep. This. Fucking. Irritates me to no END. I'm like, "Fine! Fuck you." in my head and I go for my shit to do some Chemistry. I'm pounding my tunes, doing my Chemistry and she MAGICALLY wakes up and goes outside. I actually hear her LAUGHING at something on tv. You've got to be fucking kidding me, right? Then she has the AUDACITY to ask me to use the laptop. Like WOW. Really? REALLY? You just fucking DISRESPECTED me. You were rude to me. And you expect me to be NICE? Fuck no. Mega brace for her. No laptop for you. Now she's laying on her bed doing nothing. I don't know why she doesn't go watch some tv. I'm hurt on different levels. It's like yeah she's my little sister (not so little actually; we're a year apart) but day-um! She doesn't have to be so mean to me! She's always rude and disrespectful to me. She doesn't respect me as the older one. It hurts not to be taken seriously. It hurts even more when it's your fucking family. It hurts on another level cos she thinks I'll TAKE ADVANTAGE OF HER. WHAT???????? I wouldn't take advantage of ANYONE (I think I stated this earlier). Like wow. Why would she think her own family would take advantage of her? Anyway she just handed me her iPod to charge for her. I'll be the bigger (more mature) person and charge plug it into my laptop. Cos I'm a nice sister.


  1. To be honest, I'm mean to my older sister as well for more or less the same reason. If I'm right, it means your sis has a problem with authority. If I'm wrong, it means she's just being a bitch (no offense). See, my sis and I are only 1 year apart and we're both adults, so if she sometimes gives me an order, I don't necessarily want to follow it. I don't see her as my older sister, just my sister.

  2. If she had a problem with authority she'd be acting the same way with my parents which she doesn't so what's going on?

  3. Wow, this is opp for me, my sister has me doing things like her slave sometimes -_- But then she like buys me food and stuff, which I love. And she'd watch tv with me :( I dunno, lol. She does the same thing with the iPod, oh gosh charge it yourself nuh, I doing stuff on my laptop, and then, all the stupid apple itune things come the hell up I HATE IT -_-

    I used to be real miserable to her though. One thing though, you all will really miss each other if you move out, so like moving out is recommended lols :P

    And chic, I love following the vids you like on youtube!! I'm bored here at home, and like watching all the stuff you liked! lols XD

  4. @DeadEyes.-_-: STALKERRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lolz I heart yew


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