Monday, January 3, 2011

Exercise. Discipline. Affection.

I was washing chicken poop from our mostly concrete backyard the other day and I thought about how we in Trinidad and Tobago care our dogs (and other pets by extension) compared to other societies. I was thinking about how we let Cherrish (no typo) inside the house because she isn't herself and wreaks havoc outside when she freaks out.
Remember her?
Most other societies keep there dogs inside.

I know you guys know about Cesar Milan, Dog Whisperer. You've watched at least one episode. You know his mantra: "Exercise, discipline then affection." Of course, a lot of people have that equation really twisted. Trinis are no better. Trust me. However, we don't overload our dogs with affection. We 'discipline' our dogs. Yup. Corporal punishment, yo. Our dogs aren't very mischievous. I'm sure all animals have their moments of non-conformity but our dogs aren't as crazy as you see on the show. I wonder what Cesar Milan would think of our dogs...

I'm only talking about Trinidad's dogs based on my experience with mine. I've learned a lot from Cesar Milan). We're not always able to give them a bath or carry them out for a walk but we feed them regularly, give them a clean place to stay and love them with all our hearts.

She's in the middle of a yawn believe it or not

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  1. I love all your puppies!!!1 ^^ We not allowed to have any here, so your cutie babies are welcome here.


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