Monday, January 17, 2011

Eighth and ninth followers and a window that won't close

So my eight follower is xXcallousXcalamityXx who clearly doesn't have a blog. Too bad. Would have liked to read some stuff from her. Ninth follower is whose blog is is Italian x.x This blog is about a lot of different stuff, art, music, funny pictures. It's pretty cool. Thank god for Google Translate =D

There's a window in my house the WON'T CLOSE. It's a French window that has a latch to close it and a little knob that fits into the hole in the handle to keep it open (I am SO bad at giving descriptions!!) So the little latch had broken off and the window would swing open on the first hole and slam back if there was wind. We counteracted this by putting a big bottle of water next to the handle to keep it closed. Worked pretty well. Now the little knob that fits into the holes of the handle had broken off too (*dies*) We counteracted that with the bottle again. No problem. Now the handle has broken off and the window keeps opening wide in the wind and slamming shut. I have no idea what to do about it but it annoys me to no end.

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  1. Callous calamity does have a blog actually. Cupetinte followed you too huh? Cool. I know of those windows. My suggestion: electrical tape. You know how many things I fixed with that?


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