Thursday, January 6, 2011

Busy Bee

I have been so busy with school that I have barely been able to post anything far less for reading you guys' blogs! I am so sorry! I feel like I'm neglecting you guys! Please forgive me. I love you all very much. I really hope to do something really good for you guys on weekends. Maybe when I bake some homemade cookies to sell next week I'll post the recipe and pictures for you guys. Please bear with me in this time. It'll only be for the next couple months (I have to keep telling myself that!) and then everything should be great again.

In the meantime, I'm doing great with some of my new year's resolutions. I'm proud of myself! I should be able to post those updates for you guys in the next couple days.

Eks oh eks oh,


  1. Eep! School :) Girl, give it your all, we'll be here when you get back :) Ooooo cookies >< Lols, sounds good. Well, one more day for the weekenddd >< Have fun tmr! Like MAKE URSELF HAVE FUN. O_O lols :)

  2. @my fave stalker/follwer: Oh mah GAWD!! Like I was telling myself that I would have a great day today but BAM! we had to go to see Sir Ellis Clarke (which we didn't). Walked from school to the savannah, stood up for over an hour waiting and STILL didn't get to see the casket! Hearse totally by-passed us. Like wtf? I have a pic of the Prime Minister though =D

    @modnite: I have some chick pics coming soooooooooon! Idk when I'll get another chance to tape those chickens. I need something new that you guys haven't seen before.


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