Monday, January 3, 2011

Back to the grind

School's out and I'm not excited. I'm dying to blog but I can't put out maximum quantity or quality while I'm the the school's I.T. room. I saw how many posts that have been posted since maybe Saturday night. I was cooking and hanging out yesterday so I couldn't use the computer. I almost died. I'm still dying cos I REALLY wanna get home and put out some posts for you guys. I got a couple hours til I can get home. Stay tuned for a resolutions update and a couple random posts. I feel so lost without blogging. Good thing I'll be almost out of school! Then I can blog everyday! Yay!

EDIT: I'll be reading all my people's posts and stuff when I get home so wait with bated breath for the flurry of comments!


  1. The grind, sucks -_- Good luck with school. It's just a passing penance.

  2. its hard but who else is gonna do it. jus stay strong


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