Thursday, December 23, 2010

Third follower!

I think I'll make it a tradition to make a post for each of my followers. Just to make them feel special. So here's my third follower. I have no idea who this person is but she lives in Trinidad with me so I feel a sort of friendship thingy with her. Her blog is about art. Which I love. Her art is pretty good by my standards so head on over to and check it out.

I should be paid to be advertising these blogs. Lol


  1. lawll... you have no idea who I am, is no scene, that's actually my art blog, I have two ^^. One is for venting, and one is for art. The art one kinda slow. I tried following you with my regular profile, but it was n't working, :( This is the me blog here:

    Just so you know who I am ^^ And yes, if I had a job, I would be paying you. ^^ Also, if you like reading interesting things, take a peek at the blogs I follow, they have good stuff! ^^

  2. I got through! So following you with both profiles! I hope that's ok with you ^^

  3. Lolerz I love this kid. (DeadEyes.-_-) So you're Portia Subran?

  4. Yeah, that's like my real name, that blog is just to like whore myself out, and get a real job -_- lol, but the other one is to scream and vent and write random shit. I actually don't want them associated with each other, O_O so I can cuss people and thing, and not get like cut eye after. -_-


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