Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Post from a Blackberry!!!!

So I'm posting this from my friend's Blackberry and it's pretty fun. Wish I had one =( When I get money I'll get me one
xD So I've been thinking of going to
Washington state university to study biology and zoology. The sperm donor is gonna have to pay anyway. I really have to tell you guys about imvu cos it's totally awesome. I really can't tell you now cos these buttons are fucking small. Jeezus

EDIT: I've changed my mind and decided to go Yakima Valley Community College. Fresh air and all that great stuff. Thinking about taking a course in veterinary technology. It's gonna take me forever to get there so I'm gonna take my 50 hours of veterinary experience while I'm fixing to get there. My passport is expired *facepalm* and the appointment to make it valid is July 2012 *double facepalm* and then I have to figure out stuff about getting my visa blah blah blah. So much stuff. So much time! Should I work part time or full time?

EDIT 2: OK so just so you guys know, the page in under construction. I have no clue when I'm gonna finish but hey! It might get done next year when I have all that free time! Yay!


  1. this sounds like a good idea your gonna fit in well in that school and who's the friend thats blackberry in your hands

  2. It's my sister's friend's Blackberry. She was at our house the other day. Btw thanks Nathan xD


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