Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas and some random pictures

Last night I was gonna take pictures of the turkey preparation but I was so tired so I'm just gonna put some pictures of some random stuff I was doing yesterday to placate you guys until I can actually write something about what happened today. I went to my grandmother's house and I'm plagued with ethnic fatigue and a headache.

Product of me sweeping my room

Shoes in my room. This is how the are all the time, mind you

Our Christmas tree! Mum doesn't like it but I think it's pretty

I've never seen so many gifts under our tree

My doggie Cherrish locked up cos she steals eggs from the coup

Her face just before I let her out

Ditto the sidekick

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  1. lol at your naughty doggies! I love your christmas tree ^^ I've never had one in our house ever O_O lol. Cool presents and scenes, and that's all the hair you got from your room? :P and scene at your shoes ^^

    Love always, ur fav stalker ^^


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