Friday, December 31, 2010

Goddamn Fireworks

You guys have no idea how extremely nervous I am right now. This is probably the worst it's ever been. I hate loud noises. Any loud noise. I'm freaked by a balloon popping. Just think about how I am right now with millions of people in my country lighting fireworks before it's even time to do so! And just think about how many fireworks are going up when it's ACTUALLY the new year. I'm hyperventilating right now. My heart is beating hard and fast in my chest. I'm SEEING things. I'm pounding music in my head and I'm still feelings like it's not enough! I'm hearing things through the music. I'm in a fucking state. Gonna take some Panadol and knock myself out. Unless of course you guys have any better ideas.

UPDATE (10:32pm): There is absolutely NOTHING in this fucking house to calm me down. Like seriously?? What the fuck, yo?!?!

UPDATE (11:17PM): The fireworks are getting a little more intense and more scary. I've stopped listening to music and resorted to finding any bit of medication I could fond.d I found some Tylenol but I think it was expired. Tasted nastier than usual going down. I also made mashed potatoes and minced beef to eat. Starting to get a little sleepy now. Gonna continue watching House until I fall asleep.

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