Thursday, December 23, 2010

Follow my followers?

Should I follow my followers? Maybe I should. But more importantly, should I friend my followers?

Followers = Friends??

Is this equation true?

What do you guys think?

EDIT: Followers = Friends! Yay!


  1. well, only if you genuinely like their stuff eh, or else, you'll be flooded with crap u don't want. -_- lol. And friend them? Lol, I made friends with some of mine, and we like went out and stuff, it was pretty cool ^^

  2. You are one stalker girl. I love it. Thanks.

  3. Seriously though, becoming friends with followers is awesome...unless you're not into being in touch with other people on a personal level.

  4. Nah dude I love meeting people on the internet. So I guess I'm gonna friend you guys now. Lol


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