Sunday, December 26, 2010


My hands are still shaking with this one. So a couple of minutes ago there was a earthquake. Seems like it was country wide cos my cousins living in the east felt it (very far). I didn't hear it at first cos I was listening to music but I heard my dogs freaking out a bit so I turned off my music. Then I heard the rumbling. If you've never experienced an earthquake before, it's pretty scary when you hear the rumbling. I can't even describe it. It comes from deep within the earth. Then you feel the earthquake. The earth just rumbles and shivers beneath your feet. I ALWAYS have a mini heart attack when that happens. My heart just does crazy stuff in my chest. My mum and sis and I gathered under a door frame til it stopped. It wasn't a big one. Maybe a 3 to 5 on the earthquake scale. I'm still shaken up but I'm alive. A little excitement for me and a nice post for you guys.

EDIT: Apparently the earthquake was 5.1 on the scale. Eek!


  1. Frig, really? Dammit!!! Missed it! Glad to hear you're okay, though I don't exactly know you yet :)

  2. Lol. Another follower! But I'm too tired this morning to actually read your blog to post about it therefore look out for a post dedicated to you sometime today


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