Friday, December 17, 2010

Chicken Bonanza!!

This is what you guys have been waiting for!

I live in a yard with 20 to 30 chickens. These things are crazy mindless creatures. I swear. Exhibit A: Chicken on the roof

Yes that is a genuine chicken on the roof. It flew up there. By itself. It hopped up the stairs...

...hopped onto the basin, then to the wall, now it's on the roof.

Then it walked to the back of the house where its little chicken friends were waiting....

Then it jumped the fuck off. The above picture shows the chicken about 5 seconds away from flapping down to the yard to its chicken-y friends. (Kudos to Paint! Yup that's my handwriting!)

Exhibit B of chicken mindlessness:
HINT: That's not our house!

The chicken jumped the wall and was attempting to LAY AN EGG on the neighbour's property. Mindless much?

They flap a lot too. And they do this shaky thing. Equivalent to a dog shaking. They pluff up they're feathers and shake. Bits of dirt and bird dust are dislodged from wherever they come from under those feathers.

And now for the videos! I have to tell you guys that YouTube sent me an email congratulating me on my first YouTube upload. It was kinda freaky.... The titles and descriptions say it all. Enjoy.

P.S. Oh em gee! I totally forgot! The other day I went out to collect the eggs and this is what I got:

There were about 20+ eggs but some were leftover from the day before when I forgot to get them.


  1. lawl!!!! your criminal chicken! trying to lay an egg on the neighbour's roof! Lols love it ^^ Checking out your youtube vidss ^^

  2. xD Thankies so much! There's a post dedicated to you.


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