Sunday, December 26, 2010

Boxing Day: Ethnic Fatigue Continues

The ethnic fatigue from yesterday still persists into today. Guess I ate too much. Therefore, another shitty post comes to you live from my living room. I'm going ahead and surfing the web today as well as spend some time on IMVU. My whole family has the ethnic fatigue. My mum even went back to sleep a couple hours ago. I woke up this morning to my (estranged)father playing his "Sunday's Best", a mix of classical music from Beethoven, Mozart and that opera song from The Fifth Element. You bitches know what I'm talking about. The blue alien sang it and they shot her and one of the stones was inside her. Anyway, my mum wanted to watch tv but father's "Sunday's Best" was not to be turned down or turned off. Result: Competing Noise. And the lil sodder has to balls to ask YOU to turn down the tv cos he can't hear his BLARINGLY LOUD music that anyone in the fucking street can hear. Finally it was turned down and I could watch 6Teen and Stoked on Boomerang.

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