Sunday, November 21, 2010

Soroptimists' Tea Party and Fashion Show

So I went to the old lady tea party and actually had a good time. I was invited by my mum's friend so it was uber-awkward at first but then I started to loosen up. Actually had fun. Endless finger-noms and drinks (unfortunately non-alcoholic) so I was ok. Lol. Learnt a new word today which is always a good thing. Google has informed me that a soroptimist is a member of a club for professional and executive business women. Google has also informed me that this club is international and Trinidad has one. Anyway I'm so tired and Chemistry and Biology call to me from my bookbag. So a little nap for me then I hit them books at 11. It's 8:18pm now. Hopefully my alarm wakes me up. Wish me luck or I'll be in deep shit tomorrow with Ms. Candice Edwards and Mrs. Allison Brown-Francis.


P.S. I got the time fixed.What would we do without Google?

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